Custom made show trolleys for dogs...

Dog Show Trolleys play an integral part of the event to exhibitors worldwide. Our trolleys are designed to protect your dog in a well presented and well made mobile home. Grooming you dog for the big day can take hours of preparation and, whether in the carpark or by the ringside, you need to make sure your dog's coat stays ruffle free.
All our trolleys are mobile, lightweight and strong with various models to choose from. They include essentials such as water and food bowl holders, fan holders, comfort grip handles and rubber grooming mats, and optional extras such as lockable doors, handbag shelves and covers. With the facilities and security our trolleys provide you can make sure your champion stays happy, calm and secure.
If you do not see what you are looking for on this site don't hesitate to contact us - we can make trolleys to your specific requirements.

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